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Your thoughts are no longer confined to a little screen!  

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Using Loci you can visually map ideas and notes from your mind to locations (loci) in your house, office, or memory palace that have meaning for you. Loci is a method of loci mixed reality mind mapping application.  Loci supports augmented reality on the HoloLens, and Loci Memory Palace supports virtual reality on the PC Mixed Reality Headset.

Get Loci for PC/MR on Windows Store

Placing your notes and ideas in locations improves your memory for making decisions and communicating your ideas even when you are not using the Loci software.  Loci enables you to improve recall of your ideas and notes using the ancient method of loci (also known as memory palace).  The method of loci has been shown to be effective in recent scientific studies.

Loci Memory Palace visualizes your analysis on virtual locations using Windows Mixed Reality

Loci overlays your analysis on real locations using Hololens

Map your mind
Map your ideas and thoughts to locations that have meaning for your mind – and get a real mind map