Personal Informatics

Personal Informatics is an approach to managing your own personal information so that it will be of use to you, part of an overall field called Informatics.  Most often people think of this as monitoring your exercise data, weight, and other health information, most often referred to as the quantified self, but our approach is much broader than that.  We help you make use of your general information to make decisions.  This means we have a way to structure your information and a way to help you analyze and make sense of it so you can act on it.

Increasingly companies are collecting information about you in the form of a knowledge graph.   They are using Enterprise Informatics for their businesses.  In Facebook and LinkedIn, the nodes in the graph can be people such as yourself, and the edges are how you are related to those other people.   By organizing information about you this way, they can provide useful recommendations to you, or improve their advertising.  Knowledge graphs are also used to run search engines such as Google and Bing, in this case the nodes are web pages, and edges are links from one page to another.

In the course of your day, you interact with people, use web pages and collect information about things and events in your life.  You have a need to own and manage your information beyond Facebook and Google.  You need your own personal knowledge graph.  And you need a way to make sense of it which is why we support visual interaction with minds map graphs using our Loci software.