You are flooded with information. We provide the life raft.

Our company is focused on personal informatics. This is often defined as the quantified self, where you measure things such as your steps. We have a broader definition more in line with business informatics or bioinformatics. We are automating information interactions to serve the individual

Our products are focused on delivering information you can use, in a way that helps you understand and act on it.

This combines an understanding of the types of information people need, how they can make sense of it, and the ways they need to use it.

Are you searching the internet to try to find out how to get the highest yield on your money? Are you looking into your options for a new home? Are you trying to find information to improve your health or medical condition? Then you are performing ongoing analysis.

This is more than doing Google keyword searches, taking notes, or building to-do lists. You are discovering information, forming and evaluating hypotheses, and planning and acting with the information you have.