Keith Boesky of ODG emphasizes AR Data Visualization

At AWE 2017 Keith Boesky states, “This is a huge one for me, Data Visualization. How much more do you see when you go to a 3D model on your screen than a flat screen?  How much more are you going to see when you’re able to put your glasses on with full awareness of what’s around you, with full awareness of everybody in the room with you, and be able to walk amongst your data set? I think that’s huge! I think it is going to change things as much is the spreadsheet did.


Loci Features Explained

This post describes important features of Loci, and compares Loci features with related work by others to give you a better idea of what Loci does.

First, Loci supports mind map interaction on graphs.  So it is easy to add a node to the graph in augmented reality, but it does not have to have a central node.

In Loci, nodes have locations.   If you place a node somewhere in your room, it will show up there next time you view that graph.  This is not the same for the other mind map applications, they will load the same mind map, but it is not anchored to a place in the real world.

 FeatureLociHolo MindHolo Mind VectorScapeHopHolo GraphMnemosyne
In App PurchasesNoNoYesNoNoNo
MS Mixed RealityX
Google ARCoreX
Google Tango (Deprecated)X
Apple iOS ARKit
MindMap InteractionXXXX
Graph Multiple StructuresXX
Graph Links and NodesXX
Control GazeX
Control TouchX
Control VoiceXX
Control GestureXXX
Input TypedXXX?
Input Voice DictationXX
Edit Undo / RedoXX
Edit Copy / PasteXX
Drive File Load / SaveXAppAppAppX
File Data FormatJSON???Graphml, csv
File Image Formatjpg, pngjpg, pngjpg, png
Force Directed LayoutXX
Spatial Map Locations (Loci)X
Directional LinksXX
Bilboarded Node DataX
Hyperlink NodesXX
Edit LinksXX
Take Picture as NodeX
Edit NodesXXXX10 elements