Loci for AR and VR

Loci works for AR and VR

Loci currently is provided as two variants, Loci AR Mind Map in Augmented Reality on the HoloLens, and Loci Memory Palace in Virtual Reality on the PC.  Both have a free seven day trial period and can import mind maps.

Loci uses three core concepts; mind maps let you break a problem down into component parts to do analysis, mixed reality interaction with mind maps let you visualize in 3D how they are related, and method of loci persistent placement of mind map nodes can improve your recall of the mind map, even when you are not using the Loci software.  In this way you can break a problem down, understand it, and remember it later when you need to use that information for decisions.

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Loci Memory Palace puts you in an 3D Memory Palace where you can make mind maps using the Windows Mixed Reality headset, and handheld controllers. You can use the controllers to move, scale or rotate nodes or designate them for voice commands, or to select a place to move to.

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Loci AR Mind Map helps you put nodes and links in your own real settings using the HoloLens, such as your home, where you can place your notes and ideas with real items to help you remember and think about them.  You can use one or two hand gestures with your own hands to move, scale or rotate nodes.

You could load your mind map to work on at home with your HoloLens, and remember it best that way, and while on the road, work with it in VR on the mixed reality headset and have it available to review or update with your insights.

Both versions of Loci support gaze and voice interaction combined, so that the use of hands or controllers is not required at all times.

Both versions of Loci share the same mind map graph format, *.loci, and both have initial import capability for MindManager, Freemind, and GraphML files.  This allows you to bring in your previous mind maps, as well as mind maps from other people.