Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table for augmented reality mind map apps. This table provides you with an overview of AR apps related to Loci and their features.

You can search for attributes in the table, and you can use arrows next to the app column name to sort based on the column as a way to see how features stack up between apps.

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 FeatureLociHolo MindHolo Mind VectorScapeHopHolo GraphMnemosyne
In App PurchasesNoNoYesNoNoNo
MS Mixed RealityX
Google ARCoreX
Google Tango (Deprecated)X
Apple iOS ARKit
MindMap InteractionXXXX
Graph Multiple StructuresXX
Graph Links and NodesXX
Control GazeX
Control TouchX
Control VoiceXX
Control GestureXXX
Input TypedXXX?
Input Voice DictationXX
Edit Undo / RedoXX
Edit Copy / PasteXX
Drive File Load / SaveXAppAppAppX
File Data FormatJSON???Graphml, csv
File Image Formatjpg, pngjpg, pngjpg, png
Force Directed LayoutXX
Spatial Map Locations (Loci)X
Directional LinksXX
Bilboarded Node DataX
Hyperlink NodesXX
Edit LinksXX
Take Picture as NodeX
Edit NodesXXXX10 elements