VR Locations Aid Recall in Study

VR Memory Palace Study Shows Recall Improvement

At the University of Maryland College Park, Krokos et al recently published a paper  "Virtual memory places: immersion aids recall", which shows more than 8% recall improvement of a VR memory palace ...
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Loci Memory Palace

We are proud to announce a mixed reality headset version of our Loci product, called Loci Memory Palace. Loci lets you link your ideas in augmented or virtual reality, improving recall and ...
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Cortana Camera Error at Desktop

Fix Cortana Take a Video

I was trying to make a video of using the Loci system to share with others, and experienced an issue with the Cortana command "Hey Cortana: Take a video" raising the message ...
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Fix MR PC Disk Usage

As you walk around your Mixed Reality, running on your PC with your Immersed Head Mount Display (IHMD) you may tell yourself, "This is not my beautiful house!" because your souped up ...
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Fix Voice Commands

For Loci and Loci Memory Palace, there is heavy use of voice commands to enter information, and there can be problems with Windows settings for speech services that should be changed. With ...
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Loci Voice and Gaze Commands

You use Loci by saying commands and looking at nodes or locations in the scene.  Some commands are done only using your voice, and some include where you are looking, your center of ...
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Cicero Denounces Catiline by Maccari

Method of Loci

The method of loci is a memory technique used in ancient Greece and Rome where you imagine a building, and mentally place the items you must remember at locations in the building ...
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Keith Boesky of ODG emphasizes AR Data Visualization

At AWE 2017 Keith Boesky states, "This is a huge one for me, Data Visualization. How much more do you see when you go to a 3D model on your screen than ...
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Loci Features Explained

This post describes important features of Loci, and compares Loci features with related work by others to give you a better idea of what Loci does. First, Loci supports mind map interaction ...
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AWE 2017 Notes

From 31 May to 2 June the Augmented World Expo was held at the Santa Clara Convention center.  There were a lot of interesting things there, and we are providing some notes ...
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Loci Booth at AWE 2017 JUNE 1-2 THU-FRI 10am – 5 & 3pm

Join us for demos of Loci at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) June 1-2 at the Santa Clara, CA Convention Center. The Expo hours are from 10 am - 5 pm Thursday ...
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Using a keyboard with HoloLens

You can pair a bluetooth keyboard with the HoloLens computer. This can be useful if you want to do copy and paste between applications in the HoloLens. For instance, you can use ...
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Loci Node Editing

Loci Demo of Editing for ARBA (AWE Nite SF)

On Tuesday April 25, 2017 we provided a demonstration of Loci to the Augmented Reality SF Bay Area (ARBA) (now AWE Nite SF) Meetup, which was held at the Runway Incubator in the ...
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Buy Loci On Windows Store

Loci Available on Windows Store for HoloLens

On April 15, 2017 we published version 1.0 of the Loci universal windows application for HoloLens on the Windows Store.  Loci lets you create mind maps  in mixed reality where you place ...
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Yarn and Photos In Movies and TV

Loci can be used for many things since it is for general analysis. Analysis in Movies and TV often involves links of string or yarn, pictures of people and maps, all of ...
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Loci is a general graph editor that supports mind map graphs. Graphs consist of nodes and edges. We call nodes with locations loci, and edges associating loci we call links. node + ...
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ARBA demo of Loci Analysis

Loci Demo of Analysis for ARBA (AWE Nite SF)

On Tuesday October 25, 2016 we provided a demonstration of Loci to the Augmented Reality SF Bay Area (ARBA) Meetup (now AWE Nite SF), which was held at the Runway Incubator in ...
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Location has meaning

Loci Demo at Techcrunch Disrupt

On Tuesday September 12, 2016 we provided a demonstration of Loci for TechCrunch Disrupt 2016, which was held at Pier 48 in San Francisco. We had a small round high table, and a small ...
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Omega Tau Usage

Below are some ideas on using Omega Tau Weather app: Email your weather information to a friend as part of an invite to join you, using the mail button Use the copy ...
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Omega Tau Operation

Support Text Entry You use your finger to select the text entry, which will highlight it. You can type in and then press enter on the keyboard for: the name of a ...
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